Cooperative Agreements

Cooperative Agreement Programs at Other Community Colleges

Cooperative Agreements allow residents of the IVCC district to attend the community colleges, listed in the link below, as an in-district student to pursue a career or occupational program NOT OFFERED by IVCC. The college has worked out cooperative agreements with 31 other community colleges. These agreements allow a student from IVCC's district to attend one of these colleges to complete the desired program and to only pay that college's in-district tuition rate.

The cooperative agreement form, found in the link below, must  be completed by IVCC students who wish to attend another Illinois Public Community college to complete a career or occupational program not offered by IVCC. For some of these colleges, the cooperative agreement can be used by the student if he or she only wants or needs to take one course not offered by IVCC in that particular semester. The form must be completed and turned in to the Office of Academic Affairs for approval at least 30 days prior to the start of class. The form is signed by the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and sent to the college to be attended. An approved cooperative agreement form is good for one academic year. The cooperating college will issue the degree or certificate for successful completion of the program of study.

A complete listing of cooperative agreements at other community colleges and the cooperative agreement form can be found at

Chargeback Request

In the rare instance where IVCC does not have a cooperative agreement for a desired program, the student can request a chargeback. In this case, the IVCC Board of Trustees will make the decision as to whether the College will pay the out-of-district tuition for the student to the attended community college. Requests for chargeback consideration must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the start of classes. Illinois Valley Community College will not pay chargeback for any programs that can be taken by a student under a cooperative agreement. IVCC promotes cooperative agreements with other colleges because of the large tax savings to residents in District 513. To request to be considered for a Chargeback for a career and technical (occupational) credit program at another Illinois community college, please submit the following:

1.  A letter requesting a chargeback stating the Illinois community college the student wishes to attend and the title of the 2 year degree or certificate program.

2.  A completed Chargeback Form.

3.  A copy of the school’s curriculum or program guidesheet (description of the program and a required course listing).

A Chargeback Request will only be considered if IVCC does not currently have a Cooperative Agreement with another community college with a similar program. 

Please note that by Board Policy, Chargeback Requests must be approved by the IVCC Board of Trustees. You will be notified in writing of the Board’s decision on the request within 5 business days after the scheduled Board meeting. It is recommended that persons submit these requests at least TWO months prior to the start of the semester when the individual wishes to begin the program at the other community college.

The chargeback form can be found at

All forms should be sent to:
Bonnie Campbell
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Illinois Valley Community College
815 N. Orlando Smith Road
Oglesby, IL 61348
Phone: (815) 224-0408
Fax: (815) 224-3033

Cooperative Agreement Programs at Illinois Valley Community College

Residents of other community college districts, listed in the link below, may attend IVCC as an in-district student if they are planning to pursue a career or occupational program NOT OFFERED by their community college. Students need to contact their community college to obtain a cooperative agreement form.

A complete listing of cooperative agreements at IVCC can be found at

Please contact the Office of Academic Affairs at (815) 224-0409 for more information about cooperative agreements and chargebacks.