Course Numbering System

All courses carry a four digit number.

  1. The first digit indicates freshman or sophomore level: 1 or 2. A first digit of 0 signifies a remedial-developmental review of basic skills courses. First digit of 0 courses are not applicable toward a degree or certificate nor are counted towards honors designations.
  2. The second digit signifies the curriculum area the course is assigned to:
    0 = Baccalaureate (transfer)
    1 = Continuing education
    2 = Occupationally oriented
    9 = General studies (these courses do not generate credit that may be applied to any degree or certificate.)

IAI Code:

The IVCC/IAI explanation found at the end of some course descriptions means that the course has been approved as meeting a specific general education core requirement for transfer and has been assigned a statewide IAI code.

EXAMPLE: ART 1000 Art Survey - "Fulfills an IVCC/IAI General Education/Fine Arts requirement with the IAI Code number of F2 901."