ANT 1000. Introduction To Anthropology. 3 hrs.

This course is designed as a general anthropology course. The intent is to provide the student with a systematic and comprehensive coverage of basic concepts, principles and terminology; in both physical and cultural anthropology. Multicultural issues are examined. Considers human origins and human evolution and the evolution of non-human primates. Also briefly surveys the major subfields of anthropology: cultural, physical, archaeology, and linguistics. IAI: S1 900N.

ANT 1002. Cultural Anthropology. 3 hrs.

This course explores culture as an adaptive mechanism that assists the human species in its survival. An understanding of the physical environment and its reciprocal relationship to culture will be explored. Further, this class will examine how different cultural traits such as religion, beliefs, social organization, economics, technology, and the use of language, developed and spread. Various regions of the world and various peoples will be studied, including past and present day societies. IAI: S1 901N.