ATO 1210. Basic Gas Engines. 5 hrs.

The purpose is to give the student a background in the theory, construction, design, operation, and service of gasoline piston engines. Laboratory work will consist of the following requirements on a given engine: disassembly, cleaning, inspecting, measuring, recording, machining and reassembly. Students are encouraged to supply their own engine for this course. Lecture, 2 hours; lab, 6 hours.

ATO 1220. Basic Automotive Electricity. 3 hrs.

This is a basic automotive electricity course dealing with voltage, current, resistance, series and parallel circuits, digital multimeter, digital storage oscilloscope, basic electronics, wiring diagrams, batteries, starting systems, and charging systems. Lecture, 2 hours; lab, 2 hours.

ATO 1240. Power Trans & Manual Trans. 3.5 hrs.

This course includes information relative to clutches, manual transmissions/trans-axles, driveshafts/halfshafts and differentials on front wheel drive and rear wheel drive vehicles. The course will study the operation, service and rebuilding of constant mesh, fully synchronized manual transmissions and trans-axles. Lecture, 2 hours; lab, 3 hours.

ATO 1250. Engine Performance. 3 hrs.

This course is a basic tune-up class with the purpose of obtaining an understanding of ignition systems used in automotive vehicles. The basic design of all electronic ignition systems and how to troubleshoot each component from a no-start or driveability condition will be taught in the classroom. Basic test equipment such as compression and cylinder leakage testers, regular oscilloscope, hand-held digital storage oscilloscope, multimeter, and 4-gas analyzer will be taught during lab. Lecture, 2 hours; lab, 2 hours.

ATO 1260. Steering and Suspension Systems. 4.5 hrs.

This course describes the various styles of automotive suspension and steering systems and their components. They include wheel bearings, tires, shock absorbers and struts, front and rear suspension systems, steering columns, power steering, gear boxes, rack and pinion steering, four wheel steering systems, alignment angles and four wheel alignment. The main emphasis in this class will be on performing a complete 4-wheel alignment on any vehicle. Lecture, 2 hours; lab, 5 hours.

ATO 1270. Service Management. 1 hr.

This class deals with management principles as they relate to the automotive service industry. Topics covered include: resume writing, job interviewing, formation of a business, hiring and firing personnel, small business bookkeeping, job estimating, profitability, insurance, EPA and OSHA regulations, and computer management systems.

ATO 1280. Automotive Tech. Internship. 3 hrs.

This course offers supervised on-the-job experience in an approved automotive facility. Students will gain valuable work experience in the automotive field during this internship. Students must work a minimum of 225 hours to earn three credit hours. The student must work at an instructor approved automotive facility. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or consent of instructor.

ATO 2200. Brake Systems. 5 hrs.

This course of study is for the design and operation of automotive brake systems used on cars and light trucks. It will focus on the theory of operation for disc and drum brake designs, hydraulics, master cylinder and power assist units, valves, and anti-lock brakes. The service of these systems will be practiced during lab sessions. Lecture, 2 hours; lab, 6 hours.

ATO 2210. Adv Engine Performance & Driveability. 5 hrs.

This is an advanced tune-up class that covers distributor, distributorless, optical, and coil-on-plug electronic ignition systems. Computer controlled electronic spark advance systems will be explained. Students will service vehicles during lab sessions and diagnose driveability problems using the 4-gas analyzer, regular oscilloscope, digital storage oscilloscope and scanner. Students will be taught how to do a proper tune-up and solve engine performance problems such as lack of engine power, poor fuel economy, and engine driveability issues. Lecture, 2 hours; lab, 6 hours. Prerequisite: ATO 1210, ATO 1220, ATO 1250 or consent of instructor.

ATO 2220. Fuel Systems & Emission Controls. 4.5 hrs.

The theory, service, diagnosis of gasoline fuel systems (fuel injection and direct fuel injection) will be the main emphasis of this class. Other areas studied will be computer controls, sensors, forced induction intake systems and exhaust systems. The following emission control systems will be covered: positive crankcase ventilation, exhaust gas recirculation, air management, catalytic converters and evaporative control systems. Prerequisite: ATO 1220, ATO 1250.

ATO 2230. Automatic Transmissions. 4.5 hrs.

This course includes information relative to automatic transmisson and trans-axles found on the modern day motor vehicle. Classroom topics covered include: planetary gear operation, application devices, hydraulics, torque converters and diagnosis. The main emphasis in lab will be the diagnosing of transmission problems, service procedures and rebuilding of automatic transmissions/trans-axles. Lecture, 2 hours; lab, 5 hours.

ATO 2240. Automotive Accessories. 3 hrs.

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of vehicle electrical accessories/ systems, and troubleshooting techniques. They include electrical wiring diagrams, basic electrical tests, cruise controls, windshield wipers, instrument gauges, lighting circuits, steering wheels, short circuit testers, power (seats, door locks, windows and sliding door), body computer, air bags, keyless entry, anti-theft, electronic displays, and communications networking. Lecture, 2 hours; lab, 2 hours. Prerequisite: ATO 1220 or consent of instructor.

ATO 2250. Heating and Air Conditioning. 3 hrs.

This course covers the theory, construction, operation and servicing of the air conditioning, heating and cooling systems found on the automobile. Emphasis will be placed on testing, troubleshooting, and servicing of the air conditioning system using appropriate manuals, tools, equipment, and safety practices. The recovery and recycling of refrigerant, laws governing R-12 and R-134a, and technician refrigerant certification will receive special emphasis. Lecture, 2 hours; lab, 2 hours.

ATO 2260. Advanced Drivelines. 3 hrs.

This course includes information relative to four wheel drive transfer cases, front axles, all wheel drive systems, and computer controlled transmissions and trans-axles. The theory, diagnosis and repair of electronically controlled transmissions and transaxles will be covered. Some of the topics covered include: the computer, sensors, shift solenoids, force motors, pulse width modulation, torque converter clutches, PM generators and all other related electronics that allow the computer to control the shift pattern and shift quality. The student is required to rebuild a minimum of two electronically controlled transmissions in this course. Lecture, 2 hours; lab, 2 hours. Prerequisite: ATO 1240, ATO 2230 or consent of instructor.

ATO 2270. Automotive Service. 4 hrs.

This course is designed to provide an on-the-job type experience to the advanced automotive student. The student will be given selected vehicles to diagnose and repair using knowledge acquired from previous automotive classes. The student may choose to specialize in one area or perform services in all areas much like the general automotive technician. This course will prepare the student for an entry-level job in the automotive service industry. Lecture, 1 hour; lab, 6 hours. Prerequisite: ATO 1210, ATO 1220, ATO 1240, ATO 1250, ATO 1260, ATO 2200, ATO 2210, ATO 2220.

ATO 2280. Computerized Engine Controls. 3 hrs.

This course is designed to teach how computers aid in controlling fuel systems, electronic ignition, and emission control devices. On-Board Diagnostics Generation II system will be taught along with all of the various engine input and output devices and how they work with the engine computer (PCM). During lab scanners, digital storage oscilloscopes, and other electronic testers will be used to solve issues associated with Service Engine Soon light and other driveability problems. Prerequisite: ATO 1220, ATO 1250, ATO 2210, ATO 2220 or consent of instructor.

ATO 2290. Automotive Certification. 1 hr.

This lecture course is designed to assist the advanced automotive student or the experienced automotive technician who is preparing to take the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification exams. Prerequisite: ATO 1210, ATO 1220, ATO 1240, ATO 1250, ATO 1260, ATO 2200, ATO 2210, ATO 2230, or consent of instructor.