BUS 1010. Introduction To Business. 3 hrs.

An introductory survey course covering such topics as management, marketing, finance, economics, stocks and bonds, small business, technology, social responsibility, ethics, human resources, and international business. The course is designed to provide students an opportunity to learn business terminology and to understand the interrelatedness of the various business functions.

BUS 1201. Let's Talk Business. 2 hrs.

This course is designed to show the integration of the content across the two target courses: Fundamentals of Accounting and Introduction to Business. An understanding of this connection between the courses will help to ease the student's transition into college-level business degree programs. Guest speakers and field trips, both on-campus and off-campus, will expand the scope of the business and accounting courses to which it is linked. Concurrent enrollment in ACT 1210 and BUS 1010.

BUS 1230. Math for Business & Finance. 3 hrs.

A review of the fundamental mathematical process, fractions, and percentage. A study of discounts, commissions, depreciation, overhead, interest, bank discount, amortized mortgage loans, balance sheet ratios, statistical measures, financial statements, graphs, stocks and bonds, solving for the unknown, and time value of money.

BUS 2000. International Business. 3 hrs.

This course focuses on the environmental complexities that arise when business activities and institutions transcend international borders. Emphasis on the impact and the dynamics of sociocultural, demographic, economic, technological, and political-legal factors in the foreign trade environment. Topics include globalization, patterns of world trade, and operation procedures of the mulinational enterprise, international monetary systems, foreign exchange markets, international marketing and global supply chain management.

BUS 2210. Business Internship. 3 hrs.

Students work in jobs directly related to their field of study. This gives them a first-hand opportunity to see the principles they are learning in the classroom put into practice. This course may be repeated for credit. Lab, fifteen hours per week. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

BUS 2260. Integrated Business Operations. 3 hrs.

This course offers students in business, computer or industrial programs the opportunity to form and run a small company. Each student company pre- pares a marketing plan, does a cost analysis, designs, manufactures, and sells a product. Students have the opportunity to interact with those from different functional areas and develop an understanding of the overall considerations involved in running a business. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.