Business Law


BUL 2000. The Legal Environment of Business. 3 hrs.

This course deals with the legal environment in which businesses operate. The general areas of study are: the legal framework of business, antitrust law, consumer law, securities law, labor law, and the social environment of business. Some specific topics include: the judicial system, the Clayton Act, Sherman Act, FTC, product liability, truth in lending agency, S.E.C., labor law, the constitution, environment law, and international law.

BUL 2010. Business Law I. 3 hrs.

Brief surveys of the basic principles of law that govern the relations of people both individually and collectively. A consideration of courts and court procedure, the law of contracts, personal property and bailments, and sales contracts.

BUL 2020. Business Law II. 3 hrs.

This course is a study of legal principles as they relate to people both individually and collectively and to business operations. Topics to be included are: partnerships, corporations, real property, estates, government regulations, labor law, and other related topics.