Computer Numerical Control


CNC 1200. Fundamentals of CNC Operations. 3 hrs.

In this course, the student will learn the basics of computer numerical control. They will, by the end of the semester, have a knowledge of the types of machines, purpose, and controls. They will also study basic CNC operation and programming. Lecture, two hours per week; lab, two hours per week.

CNC 1202. CNC Milling Machine Operations. 3 hrs.

In this course, students will learn about the basic and advanced features of CNC milling machines, including controls and programming. They will learn how to read blueprints and use G&M codes to write programs. Students will also learn how to select tools, speeds and feeds for different operations and materials. They will also learn how to download and upload files from a computer. Prerequisite: CNC 1200.

CNC 1204. CNC Turning Center Operations I. 3 hrs.

In this course, students will learn basic CNC Turning Center Operations (Lathe). The student will learn basic CNC Lathe components and operations, understand and write part programs, and learn Lathe operator skills. Proper loading of programs into the machine control, verifying accuracy and program editing, and the basis of speeds and feeds will also be taught. Prerequisite: CNC 1200 and CNC 1202.

CNC 1206. CNC Turning Center Operations II. 3 hrs.

This course is a continuation of CNC Turning Center Operations I (CNC 1204). The student will learn how to control quality, basic and advanced setup skills, and advanced programming skills. Prerequisite: CNC 1204.