DFT 1200. Mechanical Drafting. 3 hrs.

A course in mechanical drafting theory including terms common to an engineering drawing, basic drawing and lettering techniques, geometrical constructions, technical sketching, an in-depth study of multi view projection, sectional and auxiliary views, dimensioning (customary and metric system) and multi view projection in the production of a complete set of detail and assembly drawings. Lecture, 2 hours; lab, 2 hours.

DFT 1201. Advanced Drafting. 3 hrs.

DFT 1201 is a continuation of basic mechanical drafting including advanced multi-view principles with advanced applications of dimensioning and tolerancing emphasizing geometrical and positional tolerances. A study will be made of the requirements for working drawings including detailing and assembly drawings. Production drawings will be completed using standard mechanical drafting equipment. Lecture, 2 hours; lab, 2 hours. Prerequisite: DFT 1200.

DFT 1203. Machine Blueprint Reading. 3 hrs.

Machine blueprint reading is a course designed to progress logically from an introduction to blueprint reading through a study of the fundamental skills and concepts involved in reading, sketching, and interpreting drawings. Lecture, 3 hours.