ECN 1202. Fundamentals of Economics. 3 hrs.

A general survey of the operation of the economic system, with reference to the business firm, the determination of price and output, the level of national income, and conditions. Specifically designed for one semester in economics at the undergraduate level.

ECN 2002. Principles of Microeconomics. 3 hrs.

An introduction to market structures, behavior of the firm, consumer demand, the pricing and employment of resources and current economic problems. IAI: S3 902.

ECN 2003. Principles of Macroeconomics. 3 hrs.

An introduction to the major areas of modern economic theory and public policy; national income theory, and monetary theory and institutions,economic stability, taxation, and internationaltrade and finance. IAI: S3901.

ECN 2004. Business Statistics. 3 hrs.

This course will provide an introduction to descriptive statistics and statistical inference as employed in business decision-making. Emphasis is on measures of central tendency and dispersion, frequency distribution, probability, hypothesis testing, estimation, statistical inference, simple linear regression, correlation and multiple linear regression. Prerequisite: MTH 0910 or equivalent. IAI: M1 902; BUS 901.

ECN 2005. Global Economic Geography. 3 hrs.

This introduction to diverse, global patterns of economic activity focuses exclusively on developing economies, describing their geography and populations in terms of production and trade; investment and consumption; income and inequality; and overall freedom of opportunity and well-being. The course explores theories and processes of spatial-temporal differences and the development strategies to advance human conditions in their physical and social environments. It explores domestic and international structures, models and institutions which address policies aimed to improve health, education, economic outcomes,and international relations. And presents students with cultures and contexts outside of the western world. IAI: S4 903N.