EDC 1000. Introduction To Education. 3 hrs.

In this course students will explore teaching as a profession in the American education system. It offers a variety of perspectives on education including historical, philosophical, social, legal, and ethical issues in a diverse society. It also includes background knowledge in organizational structure of schools. A practicum component is required which includes 15 hours of classroom observation. This course requires direct contact with children. Because of that fact, students will be required to complete a fingerprint background check.

EDC 1201. Special Topics in Instructional Tech. 0.5 hrs.

This course is designed to meet the needs of faculty in the area of instructional technologies. Each class will be individualized to particular set of needs and a crdit value assigned for each section offered. Typical examples include Internet technologies, courseware development, multi-media, and smart classroom technologies.

EDC 1203. Educational Technology. 3 hrs.

Students/educators will develop skills and knowledge in learning technologies that allow the student/educator to appropriately and responsibly use tools, resources, processes, and systems to retrieve, assess, and evaluate information from various media. Students/educators will use that knowledge, along with the necessary skills and information to create engaged learning environments.

EDC 2000. Educational Psychology. 3 hrs.

This comprehensive course concerns psychological principles underlying educational practice. Theories concerning cognitive and psychological development, human learning/development, and movivation are studied with emphasis on application for instruction, including assessment. Emphasis will also be placed on learner-centered instruction and diversity. Application includes preschool through high school, including students with special needs. Prerequisite: PSY 1000 or consent of instructor.

EDC 2003. Clinical Experiences in Education. 1 hr.

This course is a pre-student teaching practicum (K-12). It allows for students who are considering the field of education an opportunity to observe and interact with children and state certified teachers in a classroom setting. Required participation includes a minimum of 30 clock hours in the classroom. A weekly 50-minute seminar is provided for students to focus on classroom issues including classroom management and effective teaching and learning methods/styles. Students are supervised by the college instructor and a cooperating teacher. Discussions of classroom situations are explored as they gain experience through the practicum. This course requires direct contact with children. Because of that fact, students will be required to complete a criminal background check. Prerequisite: Suggested concurrent enrollment in EDC 2000.

EDC 2006. Multicultural Educ:Agent for Change. 3 hrs.

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to provide students the opportunity to explore the theories and processes needed to examine social forces influencing American education including social and global perspectives. The course content will assist students to understand and become aware of working with and teaching culturally diverse groups within the educational setting and how schooling is shaped by the social contexts in which it occurs. The complex issues facing educational environments will be examined which include issues of heritage, class, gender, religion, ethnicity, and exceptionality. Effective teaching strategies and resources will be explored. In addition, global standards will be reviewed. Multicultural best practices will be explored as students develop their philosophy of education.