ELT 1000. Introduction To Electronics. 3 hrs.

This course is an introduction to electricity, magnetism, and basic electrical and electronic circuits for students with a BACKGROUND IN BASIC MATHEMATICS. Topics include: single DC and AC circuits, resistance, capacitance, inductance, transistors, diodes, Ohm's Law, Kirchoff's Laws, etc. Labs will reinforce the lecture and promote the proper use of test equipment. Lecture; 2 hours; lab, 2 hours.

ELT 1200. Beginning Industrial Electronics. 2.5 hrs.

Basic theory and construction of semiconductors and operation of transistor circuits. Converting alternating current to direct current. Introduction to integrated circuit construction and operation. Lecture, 2 hours; lab, 1 hour. Prerequisite: ELE 1201 or ELT 1204.

ELT 1202. Solid State Electronics: Characteristics And Analysis.. 5 hrs.

An introduction to semiconductor theory and transistor characteristics. The diode as applied to rectification, logic, and clamping is investigated as well as transistor biasing, load line analysis and amplification. Class A, B, and C amplifiers, SCRs, TRIACs, photo-devices, and high-power devices are covered. Lecture, 3 hours; lab, 4 hours. Prerequisite: ELT 1204 or ELE 1200 and ELE 1201.

ELT 1203. Industrial Instrumentation. 2.5 hrs.

This course is designed to cover the basic concepts of: temperature; pressure; flow and level and how each is measured; the operation and applications of transducers, meters, and control circuits; along with practical installation and troubleshooting techniques for instrumentation systems. Lecture, 2 hours; lab, 1 hour. Prerequisite: ELT 1200 or ELT 1202.

ELT 1204. Fundamentals of Electronics: Dc/Ac Theory and Circuit Analysis. 5 hrs.

This course introduces an analysis of DC circuits using Kirchhoff's laws, ohms and network theorems. This course is also an introduction to magnetism, inductance, capacitance, principles, and analysis of AC circuits, resonant circuits, and filters. Lecture, 3 hours; lab, 4 hours.

ELT 2204. Digital/Micro: Principles & Applications. 5 hrs.

Introduction to basic logic gates and design procedures. Additional topics include adders, encoders, multiplexors, flip-flops, registers, counters, logic families and RAM and ROM; as well as a hands-on introduction to microprocessor principles on a discrete component level. Lecture,3 hours; lab, 4 hours. Prerequisite: ELT 1204 or ELE 1200.

ELT 2205. Prototype Design and Fabrication. 2 hrs.

This course is an introduction to print reading, design, layout, packaging and fabrication of electronic equipment. An individual project is required. Lecture, 1 hour; lab, 2 hours.

ELT 2207. Instruments & Measurements. 1 hr.

A study of circuits used in electronic measurements; applications and theory of the circuits used in test instruments; capabilities and limitations of test instruments; and loading effects of the instruments. Lecture, .5 hour; lab, 1 hour.

ELT 2209. Electronics Tech Internship. 3 hrs.

Individual students will be responsible for contacting a local industry to secure an internship position related to electronics repair, manufacturing, or design. The work that the student will perform would be that performed by an entry-level electronics technician. Students must complete 225 hours of on-the-job work experience. Students must contact the internship supervisor before they can register for this course. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

ELT 2210. HMI, SCADA & Fiber Optics. 3 hrs.

This course is a continuation of the PLC automation classes utilzing software and hardware to build and use a Human Machine Interface (HMI) and the introduction of the System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. Lecture, 2 hours; lab, 2 hours. Prerequisite: ELE 1204.

ELT 2254. Electrical Capstone. 3 hrs.

This course will give the student the opportunity to apply the knowledge and training obtained in the preceding courses culminating in two capstone projects. One project will be an industrial group project. One project will be an automation project utlizing a micro-controller or PIC. Assignments will consist of analysis, synthesis, design, flow-charting, programming, and construction of an automation project. I/O interfaces and optical isolators in connection with any programmale interface controller will be utilized. Prerequisite: Consent of ELE/ELT Program Coordinator. Lecture, 2 hours; lab, 2 hours.