FIN 1200. Principles of Finance. 3 hrs.

An introductory finance course dealing with principles of financial management and control. Emphasis will be placed on the areas of financial analysis and return on investment, administration of assets, financial institutions, capital structure and cost of capital, short and long-term financing, and short, intermediate and long-term debt financing. Prerequisite: ACT 1010 or concurrent enrollment.

FIN 1201. Personal Finance. 1.5 hr.

Consumer financial practices that promote personal and family economic welfare. Topics include: bud- geting, cash flow, insurance, credit, major pur- chases, and debt management. Lecture, one and one half hours per week.

FIN 1202. Personal Investments & Ret. Plannning. 0.5 hrs.

An introduction to the wide array of investment vehicles open to individuals, i.e., money market instruments, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. Also covered are: retirement investments, estate planning, and income tax planning. Lecture, one and one-half hours per week.

FIN 1205. Personal Financial Management. 3 hrs.

Financial principles and consumer practices that promote individual and family welfare. Topics include: budgeting, taxes and tax planning, insur- ance, housing, investments, consumer credit and debt management, buying techniques, and retirement and estate planning.