HSE (High School Equivalency)

GED Courses

GED 0900. General Education Development. 0.5 hrs.

A survey course with a lecture format designed for educationally mature persons who wish to prepare for the GED and earn the High School Equivalency Certificate. The five disciplines of writing skills, social studies, science, literature, and math plus preparation for the Constitution test will be covered. The official GED tests are administered at Illinois Valley Community College to individuals who are at least eighteen years of age and whose high school class has graduated. The course is graded pass/fail. The grade is not computed in the g.p.a. for graduation.

GFT Courses

GFT 0900. GED Fast Track I. 0.5 hrs.

This course is divided into two parts designed to prepare the fluent reader without a high school diploma to take two subtests of the GED test. The two parts are US and Illinois Constitution and Social Studies. A brief overview of the content of each subject is delivered. In addition, critical reading techniques and test-taking techniques are presented and discussed. The grading is pass/fail.

GOR Courses

GOR 0900. GED Orientation. 0.5 hrs.

This course provides information about the content of and skills measured by the GED test, the methods used in administering and scoring the test, the preparation offered by Adult Education Program of IVCC, and the current skill level of the student in relation to the skills needed in the GED. Additionally, information about basic career search and goal-setting is delivered. The grading is pass/fail. Prerequisite: Survey Test of Adult Basic Education Level A or D Scores 9.0-12.9/Enrollment in IVCC Adult Education Program.