JRN 1001. Intro To The Mass Media. 3 hrs.

A survey of the historical, sociological, economic, political and intellectual contexts of the media. Emphasis on criticisms and challenges to newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and films. IAI: MC 911.

JRN 1002. Reporting. 3 hrs.

Instruction and practice in the skill of reporting journalistic ethics, and writing copy for the mass media. IAI: MC 919.

JRN 1003. Advanced Reporting. 3 hrs.

This course presents the instruction, practice, and laboratory experience in advanced techniques of reporting; with emphasis on public affairs, interpretations, and investigation. Lecture, two hours a week; laboratory two hours a week. Prerequisite: JRN 1002.

JRN 2000. Journalism/Communications Internship. 1 hr.

This course offers the student a practicum experience. Students will work in jobs directly related to their fields of study. This gives the student an opportunity to utilize the principles and skills they have learned in the classroom in real-world situations. Individual students are responsible for contacting a local communications outlet to secure an internship position. Prerequisite: Completion of JRN 1002/Consent of instructor.