MGT 1230. Owning and Operating a Small Business. 3 hrs.

An introduction to understanding critical elements that are involved with starting and operating a small business. Among the topics discussed are: entrepreneurial alternatives, the business plan, marketing strategies, financial matters, and human resource considerations. Special topics such as social responsibility and ethics may be covered.

MGT 2010. Principles of Management. 3 hrs.

A study of nature and functions of management, as well as the concepts, skills, and techniques used in this field. Prerequisite: Students enrolling in Management should have second-year standing or business experience, or consent of instructor.

MGT 2220. Principles of Supervision. 3 hrs.

A practical introduction to first-line supervision. Emphasis will be given to the topics of leadership, organization, selection and evaluation of employees, safety, and employee motivation. Prerequisite: MGT 2010 or consent of instructor.

MGT 2230. The New Business Venture. 3 hrs.

An instructional course for the next generation of Entrepreneurial Leaders. The need for entrepreneurial education has never been greater. The New Business Venture is about the actual process of getting the new venture started, growing the venture, successfully harvesting it, and starting again. Students will learn how to think, act and perform in more entrepreneurial ways. Students will develop strategies and practices that are economically sensible to sustain a new venture. Students will become skilled at staying poised through the initial exuberance while focusing on knowledge, under- standing and experience. Finally, the student will craft a personal entrepreneurial strategy. Prerequisite: MGT 1230.