MET 1200. Inspection, Measurement & Quality. 3 hrs.

Inspection and gaging covered in a concise manner, including many phases of inspection work and their application to present-day manufacturing operations. The course covers a variety of manual and automatic measuring devices and gages, their specific function and specialized techniques of application. The course also analyzes quality systems and the methods and duties of the different types of inspectors.

MET 1202. Manufacturing Materials & Processes I. 4 hrs.

This course introduces the student to basic manufacturing processes. The course is designed to develop fundamental understanding of the processes used in manufacturing various products. The course covers areas such as; casting, forging, rolling, and machining techniques. This course also has a lab in which students will gain hands-on experience in using basic maching tools such as lathe, milling, and grinding machines. Students will learn how to read and utilize precision measuring instruments such as micrometers, calipers, and height gauges. This course also includes a study of the composition and physical properties of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Lecture, 2.5 hours; lab, 3 hours. IAI: IND 913.

MET 1203. Manufacturing Materials & Processes II. 3 hrs.

This course is a continuation of MET 1202. In this course, students are exposed to other manufacturing processes not covered in MET 1202, such as: welding, nontraditional machining and latest trends in manufacturing. Students will also have opportunity to do advanced machining and measuring on lathes, mills, and drills. This course may be repeated for credit. Lecture, 1.5 hours; lab, 3 hours. Prerequisite: MET 1202. IAI: IND 913.

MET 1204. Tooling Processes I. 3 hrs.

This course covers the fundamentals of press tool design and tool die making principles. Students develop an understanding of basic die types such as piercing, blanking, and stamping. Emphasis is placed on the above die making principles with students working in hands-on environment to produce a series of elementary press tools for secondary die operations. Lecture, 1.5 hours; lab, 3 hours. Prerequisite: MET 1202 AND MET 1203.

MET 1205. Tooling Processes II. 3 hrs.

This course is a continuation of MET 1204. Students will further develop their understanding of press tool processes. Emphasis in this course shifts from simple secondary type tooling to more complex progressive dies. Students will help design and build a working progressive die. Lecture, 1.5 hours; lab, 3 hours. Prerequisite: MET 1202, MET 1203, and MET 1204.

MET 1209. Welding Metallurgy. 3 hrs.

Basic introduction to ferrous and non-ferrous material and alloys, and their molecular activity during processing from raw material to finished product. The composition and changes of the metal are analyzed under laboratory testing to heat treatment, destructive and nondestructive testing, and various fabrication processes. Lecture, 3 hours.

MET 2201. Statistical Quality Control Techniques. 3 hrs.

This course includes: fundamentals of statistics including standard deviation; normal curve frequency distribution; central limit theorem; construction and use of variable control charts (X and R charts); study of process capability; control charts for attributes such as P&C charts; basic concepts of acceptance sampling; various sampling plans; AQL; and introduction to the reliability of the product. Students will work on SPC Plus software. Prerequisite: MTH 1206 or consent of instructor. IAI: IND 914.

MET 2206. Manufacturing Tech Internship. 3 hrs.

Individual students will be assigned to a manufacturing department in a plastics or metal industry. Students meet 1 hour per week with instructor and spend a minimum of 225 hours per semester on the job. Prerequisite: Sophomore manufacturing student or consent of instructor.