MKT 1210. Principles of Marketing. 3 hrs.

An introductory course in fundamentals of marketing, the nature of competition, basic marketing problems, and policies of business organizations and the planning of marketing.

MKT 1220. Sales/Retailing. 3 hrs.

A basic course designed to give students a broad understanding of the principles, methods, policies, problems, and functions of retailing and sales. Students give sales presentations and study actual retail establishments.

MKT 2210. Principles of Advertising. 3 hrs.

A study of current trends and recent research in advertising. Planning, creation, and use of advertising and how it relates to the economy and marketing. Evaluation of newspaper, radio, television, outdoor, specialty advertising, and direct mail to find the most economical and effective method of delivering the message to the desired market. Prerequisite: MKT 1210 or concurrent enrollment in MKT 1210 or consent of instructor.