PSY 1000. General Psychology. 3 hrs.

This is an introductory course dealing with analysis and description of human behavior with special reference to research methods, psychological influences on the brain and behavior, learning memory, perception, motivation, emotions, personality and adjustment. Emphasis is placed on psychological principles as they relate to daily life. IAI: S6 900.

PSY 2000. Personality. 3 hrs.

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the major personality theories in psychology. Included are the psychoanalytic/psychodynamic/ humanistic/behavioral/cognitive behavioral and trait approaches. Considerable emphasis will be placed upon the integration of theory and research through the review and practical application of personality assessment techniques and research methodology. Prerequisite: PSY 1000.

PSY 2001. Child Growth and Development. 3 hrs.

This course reviews the study of human development from conception through adolescence. It includes research methods, developmental theories, addresses the major areas of development (physical, social, emotional and cognitive) and the interaction among these areas. The relationship between theory, research and practical application is emphasized along with diversity. Considerable emphasis will be placed upon the integration of theory and research through the review and practical application of personality, behavior, biological and environmental factors, assessment techniques and research methodology. IAI: S6 903; ECE 912.

PSY 2004. Social Psychology. 3 hrs.

This course involves the scientific study of human behavior as influenced by other individuals. Emphasis is placed on research and theory regarding such social factors as communication, motivation, differential social and cultural factors in personality, social interaction, prejudice, gender issues, attraction, conformity, group processes. Prerequisite: PSY 1000 IAI: S8 900.

PSY 2005. Human Sexuality. 3 hrs.

An introductory course dealing with basic biological, psychological, and cultural aspects of human sexuality as they relate to daily life. Emphasis will be placed on psychological dimensions of sexuality to promote an increased personal understanding of sexual behavior. Prerequisite: PSY 1000.

PSY 2006. Abnormal Psychology. 3 hrs.

Abnormal Psychology is designed to acquaint the student with the study of symptoms, causes, and treatments of various psychological disorders. A variety of other classifications from DSM-5 will be covered. Prerequisite: PSY 1000. IAI: PSY 905.

PSY 2200. Human Relations in The World of Work. 3 hrs.

This course is designed specifically for students in one or two-year occupational programs; this course focuses on applied psychology related to the world of work. Attention is given to motivation, job-related problems, interpersonal relations on the job and adjustment to typical stress situations. Attention is also given to the job selection and interview process. Instruction is directed toward the practical application of behavioral principles, and the recognition and incorporation of individual or cultural differences in the global workplace.