Political Science


PSI 1000. American National Government. 3 hrs.

This course will introduce students to the Constitution and the formal governmental institutions of the United States of America. Students will also learn about political parties, both modern and historical, lobbing and interest groups, civil liberties, and civil rights. This course will allow students to critically analyze our system of government and to thoughtfully address some of the major dilemmas that face American politics today. IAI: S5 900.

PSI 1002. State and Local Government. 3 hrs.

This course introduces the student to the study of state and local governments within the federal system. Students will study the U.S. and Illinois Constitutions, the powers of state and local governments, state executives, legislators, courts, police and corrections. Students will also study local governments, policy making, budgets, and social programs. IAI: S5 902.

PSI 1003. Introduction To Global Studies. 3 hrs.

This course introduces the student to the concepts of globalizations through the comparative study of global issues. Topics to be discussed in the course include: The changing nature of the international system, globalization, human rights, poverty, global health, the environment, and global conflict and terrorism. The course is required for students completing the Emphasis in Global Studies.

PSI 2000. International Relations. 3 hrs.

This course will introduce students to the international environment by looking at the challenges that face the world, and, consequently the United States, and the alternative approaches available to addressing those challenges. Students will learn about major organizations in the international arena, including the United Nations, the European Union, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. Students will also be examining such concepts as war and peace, foreign policy, security, conflict and conflict management, international law, terrorism, human rights, and trade. Current events in the international environment will also be discussed. IAI: S5 904N.

PSI 2001. European Politics. 3 hrs.