SOC 1000. Introduction To Sociology. 3 hrs.

An introduction to basic sociological principles, concepts, and methods. Efforts will be made to develop an understanding of the social world, social organization and collective behavior. IAI: S7 900.

SOC 1002. Marriage and Family. 3 hrs.

An examination of the diverse systems of kinship and shifts in family structure and relations over time. The course also provides sociological analysis of intimate relationships focusing on a range of topics from cultural influences on mate selection to domestic violence. IAI: S7 902.

SOC 2001. Social Problems. 3 hrs.

An investigation of contemporary and historical social problems within the United States and globally. Students will explore the ways different perspectives lead to different approaches in defining and addressing social problems. Societal problems ranging from prejudice to environmental degradation will be critically evaluated. Prerequisite: SOC 1000 IAI: S7 901.