SPH 1001. Fundamentals of Speech. 3 hrs.

A course in fundamentals of speech in audience situations with emphasis upon development of effective research, organization, and delivery of informative, analytical, and persuasive speeches. IAI: C2 900.

SPH 1003. Intercultural Communication. 3 hrs.

This course examines how culture influences the communication process including values, beliefs, norms, linguistic and nonverbal differences between cultures, cultural bias, ethnocentrism, globalization, and cultural adjustment. Theories of intercultural communication and the practical approaches to commnicating more effectively with persons from other cultures will be explored. Lecture: Three hours per week.

SPH 1204. Oral Communication Skills for Business, Industry & Technology. 3 hrs.

This course focuses on the recognition and practical application of speaking, listening and observing skills for the world of work. Designed for students in business, technical, and vocational programs, the course stresses team building, critical thinking and problem solving.