Student Development


SDT 1201. Career Exploration. 1 hr.

This course is designed to teach each student how to systematically approach the task of exploring the world of work. Students will be taught how to make use of resource materials. They will be taught how to differentiate between useful resources and unuseful resources. Students will also be taught how to incorporate their own values in deciding which occupational grouping to further pursue. Examination of identified strengths as they apply to job skills will be discussed.

SDT 1202. Career Decision Making. 1 hr.

The material in this class is designed to teach students how to make career decisions based upon the individual student's values and strengths. The student will be taught how to use a decision making matrix and will be taught how the matrix can be used in making career decisions. Students will be taught how to take their personalized values and incorporate them into career decision making.

SDT 1203. Job Seeking Skills. 1 hr.

The unit is designed to help the student acquire the necessary skills and strategies essential to obtain a job; and the essentials for adjustment to the occupation and for upward and lateral mobility within the occupation. Lecture, 1 hour.

SDT 1210. Cooperative Wk Study- Walt Disney World. 8 hrs.

The Disney Cooperative Work Study requires 600 hours of on-the-job experience on site at Walt Disney World and in the Walt Disney World College program. This directed work experience is designed to expand a student's knowledge of successful organizational practices and build transferable knowledge and skills for future employment beyond the college experience.