Study Skills


SSK 0001. Community Tutoring. 0 hrs.

SSK 0902. Test Taking Techniques. 1 hr.

This open-entry, open-exit individualized course is designed for the student who needs to learn or to review test taking strategies and for the student who wants to overcome test stress and anxiety. Sixteen hours of class attendance are required, and the pass/fail grade does not count toward college credit and is not included in the student's GPA. Students taking a lab course must go to B201 the 1st week to schedule class times.

SSK 0903. Using Study Systems. 1 hr.

Application of the SQ3R textbook study system, Cornell notetaking, lecture notetaking, mapping, and outlining notetaking are the focus of this individualized course. Instruction is presented via a number of learning modalities including books, computer programs, videos and audio tapes. The pass/fail grade is not computed in the graduation GPA. This open-entry, open-exit course is not awarded college credit. Students taking a lab course must go to B201 the 1st week to schedule class times.

SSK 0904. College Study Skills. 3 hrs.

This course is designed to give new and returning college students an opportunity to learn about and practice important study skills needed for college success. Topics covered include strategic reading, note taking, memory and test-taking strategies, critical thinking, learning styles, time-management and organization, career awareness, and college knowledge (an introduction to services, supports, policies, and procedures at IVCC). There will be an emphasis on the application of these skills to content areas. SSK 0904 is strongly recommended for students who place into two developmental courses.