THE 1005. Theatre Play Production. 3 hrs.

The study and production of a major play, musical, revue, and/or readers' theatre. All areas of production related to acting, technical work, business, and public relations will be dealt with as areas of specific assignments. The class meeting times will be arranged with the instructor for rehearsal and for independent work assignments.

THE 1006. Acting. 3 hrs.

A first year course in basic skills in the art of acting in interpretation of roles. Lecture, three hours per week. IAI: TA 914.

THE 2001. Oral Interpretation. 3 hrs.

Intensive study of literary selections involving critical reading and interpretation of oral read- ings to audiences.

THE 2002. Introduction To Theatre. 3 hrs.

A study of the origins and the development of theatre arts from primitive man to contemporary theatre movements. Representative examples of theatre from each period will be studied through readings and/or performances. The application of critical elements to a production will be used as a basis for the course. The course deals primarily with western world theatre with a brief presentation of theatre from the Middle and Far East. IAI: F1 908.

THE 2005. Theatre Play Production. 3 hrs.

A continuation of THE 1005. Lecture, one hour per week; laboratory, five hours per week. This course may be taken twice for credit.