WHS 1200. Basic Forklift Operation. 1 hr.

This course is designed to ensure that all forklift operators, regardless of their degree of experience, have uniform understanding of the safe and efficient operation of forklifts and compliance with the safety rules and OSHA regulations at their worksite. Students will learn safe driving skills while gaining concise knowledge of how a forklift works. Safety will be stressed as means of reducing accidents and injuries in the workplace. Lecture, .5 hour; lab, 1 hour.

WHS 1202. Introduction To Warehousing. 1 hr.

This course is designed to give students an understanding of warehousing fundamentals and the role warehousing plays in the logistical supply chain and in a global economy. Material will cover information essential to warehouse supervisors and management personnel. Lecture, 1 hour.

WHS 1210. Working in Warehousing Environment. 1.5 hr.

This course provides learners with an overview of the functional and structural composition of warehousing and distribution centers. Topics include product flow, warehousing processes, working safely in a warehousing environment, principles in running a business, workplace ethics, and how employees affect the bottom line. Lecture, 1.5 hours.

WHS 1220. Warehousing & Workforce Skills. 1.5 hr.

This course provides training in the workplace practices that contribute to success on the job. Units include effective communication, working together, positive image, and interview skills. Lecture, 1.5 hours.

WHS 1230. Warehousing Technology Skills. 2 hrs.

This course covers the use of scanners and data applications along with the understanding of industrial controls and computer automation. Units in this course include scanners and data entry, warehouse data applications, problem solving, introduction to industrial controls, and introduction to computers and automation. Lecture, 2 hours.

WHS 1240. Representative Warehousing Skills. 2.5 hrs.

This course discusses mathematical concepts used in warehousing and distribution. It also focuses on powered material handling equipment and safety requirements. Warehousing simulations provide a structured opportunity to practice using hands on simulations of the concepts gained during the program. Lecture, 2.5 hours.

WHS 1250. Warehousing & Distribution Process. 2.5 hrs.

This course provides learners with the knowledge and core skills associated with warehousing and distribution. Units in this course include warehousing and distribution, warehousing productivity measures, methods of inventory management, protecting materials and merchandise, palletizing, handling systems, and processing hazardous materials. Lecture, 2.5 hours.