Degree and Transfer Requirements

Transfer Programs

Associate of Arts and Associate of Science

Associate of Arts and Associate of Science: IVCC offers a wide variety of courses specifically designed for transfer. For most college majors this enables students to complete their first two years of coursework leading toward a bachelor's degree in virtually any field of study at a four-year college or university. It is important for successful transfer to start planning immediately where you want to transfer and what baccalaureate degree you plan to complete. Counselors at the college are available to assist students in planning their program of study and their selection of coursework. Students who plan to complete an associate's degree and transfer as a junior in their major should achieve the following goals:

  1. Complete the Associate in Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) degree. The general education requirements for these degrees are on the following pages.
  2. Fulfill the lower level (freshman/sophomore) general education and major requirement of the institution you plan to attend. The AA/AS degrees typically meet the lower level general education requirements, but your college major will determine what general education courses you should complete. Transfer guides in the catalog list general education requirements and major course requirements for the college/universities where the majority of students transfer. For more detailed information on college major requirements students should see a counselor, obtain a transfer major guidesheet from the Counseling Center, or go to the following Web site: Another way to meet lower level general education requirements for most Illinois colleges/ universities is to complete the General Education Core Course requirements that are part of the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI). This IAI is described in this section.
  3. When you are ready for transfer, obtain a Request for Transcript form from the Admissions/Records Office. A transcript should be sent at the time of application and each semester of attendance before matriculation to your college/university.

Associate in Arts

Students seeking this degree typically plan to major in liberal arts disciplines such as art, criminal justice, education, English, foreign language, geography, history, law, music, philosophy, physical education, political science, psychology, sociology, social work, speech communication, and theatre.

Associate in Science

Students seeking this degree typically plan to major in a science related discipline such as biology, chemistry, computer science, dentistry, engineering, geology, mathematics, medicine, clinical laboratory science, nursing, pharmacy, occupational and physical therapy, physics, and veterinary medicine. It is also for transfer business majors such as accounting, business administration, finance, human resources, marketing, and management.

Associate in Engineering Science

Students seeking this degree plan to major in one of the many majors in Engineering.

Associate in General Studies

The Associate in General Studies (A.G.S.) is an individualized degree that meets the needs and interests of the student. The degree allows for the combination of both transfer and career courses. While not intended to be a transfer degree, the A.G.S. degree recognizes completion of two years of college. The requirements of the degree are listed later in this catalog, plus all associate degree graduation requirements must be met.

Associate of Arts in Teaching

The Associate of Arts in Teaching in Early Childhood Education is designed to provide students with a program equivalent of the first two years of most four-year college teacher education programs in early childhood education.

For Students Interested in Pursuing a Four-Year Degree

It is recommended that students planning to transfer follow the requirements of one of the following:

  • The Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI)
  • The Associate in Arts (A.A.)
  • The Associate in Science (A.S.)
  • The Associate in Engineering Science (A.E.S.)

These degrees and the IAI are to meet general education requirements for a four-year degree. On the following pages are descriptions and requirements of the IAI and transfer degrees.

How important is it to complete the Associate Degree before transfer?

We encourage most students enrolled in an A.A., A.S. or A.E.S. degree program to complete the degree before transferring.

Why? There are advantages to you!

  1. The agreement with most four-year colleges in Illinois allows all lower level general education classes to transfer if they follow the agreed-upon transfer guidelines.
  2. You can begin as a full-fledged junior.* Students who earn an associate degree prior to transferring are more likely to be successful at the university.
  3. Some universities accept degree benefits by allowing students to transfer university credits back to IVCC to complete their associate degree requirements.
  4. The more course work you complete prior to transfer, the less your baccalaureate degree will cost.

Community colleges have agreements with most state universities; students who complete the degrees of A.A., A.S. or A.E.S. will transfer their credit and typically enter the university with full junior standing.

Transfer Degree Requirements

NOTE: While these degrees can be completed in two years, many students opt to take longer. If you are working full-time or need more developmental course work, for example, you should plan to complete your degree in more than two years.

Associate in Arts and Associate in Science will satisfy lower division general education requirements for Illinois colleges and universities participating in the Illinois Articulation Initiative program. The Web address for transfer information is or please see a Counselor!

Career Programs

Career programs are designed to lead to employment after one or two years of study. Normally courses in these programs are not designed to be transferred. There are exceptions and IVCC counselors can help explain how parts or all of a career program can be transferred. IVCC offers two options within the Career Program:

Associate in Applied Science

The A.A.S. is the degree program in the career area. The A.A.S. can be completed in two years of full time study (or longer if attending on a part-time basis). About 75 percent of the course work required for the A.A.S. is directly in the particular major or field of study, or very closely related to it. The remaining 25 percent of the course work is in General Education. IVCC offers an A.A.S. degree in the following program areas:

  • Accounting
  • Automotive Technology
  • Business Administration
  • Business Technology
  • Computer Aided Engineering & Design
  • Computer Network Administration
  • Criminal Justice
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Electronics & Electricians Technology
  • Engineering
  • Forensic Specialist
  • Graphic Design Technology
  • Human Services
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Marketing
  • Nursing (RN)
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Welding Construction
  • Welding Production

Certificate Programs

Certificates are shorter term career programs. Some certificates consist of as little as three courses; others contain as many as 30 semester hours. Most certificate programs take about one year to complete (as a full-time student). Certificate programs contain many of the same courses found in the longer A.A.S. degree programs. At IVCC, the following certificate programs are offered:

  • Basic Accounting
  • Advanced Accounting
  • Advanced Automotive Technology
  • Basic Automotive Technology
  • Automotive Brakes, Suspension & Alignment
  • Automotive Engine Performance
  • Automotive Driveability
  • Business Technology I
  • Business Technology II
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  • Certified Production Technician (CPT)
  • Computer Aided Drafting
  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Numerical Control Operators
  • Criminal Justice
  • Dental Assisting
  • Early Childhood Education Gateways Credential
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Forensic Specialist
  • Graphic Design Technology
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Human Services
  • Industrial Electricians
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Machinist & Tool & Die Making
  • Paramedic
  • Phlebotomy
  • Practical Nursing (PN)
  • Process Operations Technology
  • Renewable Wind Energy (Basic/Advanced)
  • Retailing/Merchandising
  • Substance Abuse Basic & Advanced
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Truck Driver Training
  • Welding Advanced Construction
  • Welding Basic Construction
  • Welding GMAW
  • Welding GTAW
  • Welding OAW
  • Welding Production