Engineering Technology Associate in Applied Science

This degree allows for cross-training between multiple career and technical disciplines. Students must complete a minimum of 60 credit hours to include a minimum of 45 technical credit hours and 15 general education credit hours.

STEP 1:  Complete 45 credit hours of technical content from the concentrations listed below. 12 credit hours of the total 45 must be completed in one concentration.

  • Automotive (ATO)
  • Computer Aided Design/Drafting (CAD, DFT)
  • Computer Numerical Cont/Ind Maintenance/Manufacturing (CNC, IMT, MET)
  • Electronics/Electricity/Robotics/Wind/Computer Networking (ELE, ELT, RBA, WND)
  • General Technology (GNT)
  • Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVC)
  • Welding (WED, WLD)

STEP 2: Complete the general education requirement (15 credit hours minimum)

Credit Hours
ENG 1205Writ Comm Skills for Bus Ind & Tech (is preferred unless transferring)3
or ENG 1001 English Composition I
MTH 1206Technical Mathematics I (is preferred unless transferring*)3
AAS General Education Social Science course3
AAS General Education course3
AAS General Education course3

Total credit hours: 60

*Alternate options for MTH 1206: MTH 1000, MTH 1003, MTH 1004, MTH 1005, MTH 1006, MTH 1007, MTH 1008, MTH 1010,  MTH 2001           

​Refer to the General Education for Associate in Applied Science list for options to fulfill the AAS General Education courses.

Contact a counselor for details at 815-224-0360 or Workforce Development at 815-224-0219 or