General Education for Associate in Applied Science

A minimum of 15 credits is required. One course from each group of English, Math/Science, & Social Science is required. Check the Associate in Applied Science guidesheet for your major to see if specific courses from these groups are required. If additional AAS Gen Ed hours are required, they may be selected from any group below. Check with your Counselor or Program Coordinator to ensure proper course selection.

GROUP 1: ENGLISH (Choose one course; Check your AAS guidesheet to see if specific courses from this group are required.)

IVCC CourseCourse TitleIAI CourseSemester Hours
ENG 1001English Composition I C1 9003
ENG 1205Writ Comm Skills for Bus Ind & Tech3

GROUP 2: SOCIAL SCIENCE (Choose one course; Check your AAS guidesheet to see if specific courses from this group are required.)

IVCC CourseCourse TitleIAI CourseSemester Hours
AGR 1001Introductory Agricultural Economics3
ANT 1000Introduction To Anthropology S1 900N3
ANT 1002Cultural Anthropology S1 901N3
ECN 1202Fundamentals of Economics3
ECN 2002Principles of Microeconomics S3 9023
ECN 2003Principles of Macroeconomics S39013
ECN 2005Global Economic Geography S4 903N3
GEG 1003Cultural Geography S4 900N3
GEG 1004World Regional Geography S4 900N3
HIS 2000United States History To 1865 S2 9003
HIS 2001United States History From 1865 S2 9013
HIS 2006History of Middle Eastern Civilization S2 920N3
HIS 2007History & Civilization of China S2 920N3
HIS 2008Modern Africa S2 920N3
PSI 1000American National Government S5 9003
PSI 1002State and Local Government S5 9023
PSI 2000International Relations S5 904.3
PSY 1000General Psychology S6 9003
PSY 2000Personality3
PSY 2001Child Growth and Development S6 903; ECE 9123
PSY 2004Social Psychology S8 9003
PSY 2005Human Sexuality3
PSY 2006Abnormal Psychology PSY 9053
PSY 2200Human Relations in The World of Work3
SOC 1000Introduction To Sociology S7 9003
SOC 1002Marriage and Family S7 9023
SOC 2001Social Problems S7 9013
SWK 1000Introduction To Social Work3

GROUP 3: MATH/SCIENCE (Choose one course; Check your AAS guidesheet to see if specific courses from this group are required.)

IVCC CourseCourse TitleIAI CourseSemester Hours
BUS 1230Math for Business & Finance3
ECN 2004Business Statistics M1 902; BUS 9013
ECE 1205Mathematics for Young Children3
MTH 1000Math for Liberal Arts M1 9043
MTH 1006Finite Mathematics M1 9064
MTH 1007Calculus for Bus. & Soc. Sciences M1900B4
MTH 1008General Elementary Statistics M1 9023
MTH 1010Structure of Number Systems II M1 9033
MTH 1206Technical Mathematics I3
MTH 2001Calculus & Analytic Geometry I M1 900-1; MTH 9015
MTH 2002Calculus & Analytic Geometry II M1 900-2; MTH 9024
MTH 2003Calculus & Analytic Geometry III M1 900-3; MTH 9034
MTH 1003College Algebra3
MTH 1004Trigonometry3
MTH 1005Precalculus5
MTH 1009Structure of Number Systems I3
BIO 1000The Global Environment L1 9053
BIO 1001General Biology I L1 900L4
BIO 1002General Biology II4
BIO 1003Principles of Biology L1 910L; BIO 9104
BIO 1004Biological Diversity L1 910L; BIO 9104
BIO 1007Anatomy & Physiology I4
BIO 1008Anatomy & Physiology II4
BIO 1009Microbiology4
CHM 1000Introduction To Chemistry P1 9023
CHM 1004Chemistry P1 902L4
CHM 1005Survey of Organic & Biochemistry4
CHM 1006General Chemistry I P1 902L; CHM 9115
CHM 1007General Chemistry II5
CHM 2002Organic Chemistry CHM 9135
CHM 2003Organic Chemistry II CHM 9145
CRJ 1001Introduction To Forensic Science3
GEG 1001Weather & Climate P1 909L4
GEG 1002Physical Geography P1 909L4
GEG 1005Introduction To Astronomy P1 906L4
GEL 1005Natural Disasters P1 9083
GEL 1006Introduction To Oceanography P1 9053
GEL 1007Environmental Geology P1 908L4
GEL 1008Physical Geology P1 907L4
GEL 1009Historical Geology P1 907L4
PHY 1001General Physics P2 900L5
PHY 2001General Physics4
PHY 2002General Physics4
PHY 2003General Physics P1 900L5
PHY 2004General Physics5
PSC 1000Intro To Physical Science P9 900

THM 1202Musculoskeletal System5

GROUP 4: Additional Communications, Social Science, Math, Science, Humanities, Fine Arts, Career/Wellness (may include any course from Group 1, 2, or 3 from above or the list below)


IVCC CourseCourse TitleIAI CourseSemester Hours
GEN 2000Women Through Culture and Centuries H9 9003
GEN 2001Women in Ancient Cultures HF 907D3
GEN 2002Women in Literature H3 911D3
HIS 1000History of Western Civilization I H2 9013
HIS 1001History of Western Civilization II H2 9023
HIS 1006African American History3
LIT 2000Survey of American Lit I H3 9143
LIT 2001Major English Writers I H3 9123
LIT 2005Children's Literature H3 9183
LIT 2010Survey of American Literature II H3 9153
LIT 2011Major English Writers II H3 9133
LIT 2013Fiction H3 9013
LIT 2021Intro To Shakespeare I H3 9053
PHL 1001Introduction To Philosophy H4 9003
PHL 1002Ethics H4 9043
PHL 1003Philosophy of Religion H4 9053
PHL 1005Logic H4 9063
PHL 1013Comparative Religions H5 904N3
CSC 2203Computer Ethics3
FEN 1001Elementary French I4
FEN 1002Elementary French II4
FEN 2001Intermediate French I4
FEN 2002Intermediate French II H1 9004
FEN 2003Composition & Conversation3
GER 1001Elementary German I4
GER 1002Elementary German II4
GER 2001Intermediate German I4
GER 2002Intermediate German II H1 9004
GER 2003Composition & Conversation3
SPN 1001Elementary Spanish I4
SPN 1002Elementary Spanish II4
SPN 2001Intermediate Spanish I4
SPN 2002Intermediate Spanish II H1 9004
SPN 2003Composition and Grammar3
SPN 2004Survey of Spanish Literature3
ART 1000Art Survey F2 9013
ART 1010Art Survey II F2 9023
FLM 2009The Art of The Film F2 9023
FLM 2010Film, Art & Literature HF 9003
MUS 1000Music Appreciation F1 9013
THE 2002Introduction To Theatre F1 9083


IVCC CourseCourse TitleIAI CourseSemester Hours
ATO 1270Service Management1
SDT 1201Career Exploration1
SDT 1203Job Seeking Skills1
CSP 1210Basic Computer Skills for The Workplace1
CSP 1203Microsoft Office Professional I3
CSI 1002Intro To Business Computer Systems3
ALH 1030Yoga2
ALH 1031T'ai Chi2
HPE 1000Wellness1
HPE 1001Wellness Lab1
HPE 1003Personal and Community Health2
HPE 1004First Aid2
HPE 1020Physical Fitness I1
HPE 1021Physical Fitness II1
ECE 1005Health, Safety and Nutrition3
ALH 1221Industrial First Aid1
ELE 1220Electrical Safety1
EMS 2200Emergency Medical Responder4
EMS 2201Emergency Medical Technican - Basic8
IMT 1208Industrial Safety1
GNT 1220Intro Manufacturing & OSHA 10-hr Safety4


IVCC CourseCourse TitleIAI CourseSemester Hours
ENG 1002English Composition II C1 901R3
ENG 1003Creative Writing3
ENG 2000Technical & Business Writing3
SPH 1001Fundamentals of Speech C2 9003
SPH 1003Intercultural Communication3
SPH 1204Oral Communication Skills for Business, Industry & Technology3