Radiologic Technology Program (Cooperative) Associate in Applied Science


Radiologic Technology is a limited admission program at SVCC. Minimum academic and other criteria must be met in order to apply by March 1 (priority application deadline) or June 1 (as space allows) for fall only program admission. Students transferring from IVCC should typically plan on a minimum of one year at IVCC completing general education and/or application requirements before transferring to Sauk Valley Community College for their degree in Radiology.  All students are required to attend one Radiologic Technology Informational meeting before applying. This meeting includes all required forms including the SVCC application and transcript evaluation process. Students are encouraged to apply for program admission as soon as they are eligible for application.  Enrollment to the program is limited to 24-26 students each fall. Admission is based on several factors including a minimum grade point average of 2.5.  Only courses used in the program for admission or bonus points are used in calculating the GPA for admission. Once the student is admitted to the program at Sauk, the length is 4 semesters and 1 summer session.  Most hospitals within our district participate as clinical sites. By attending the Radiologic Technology Informational Meeting at Sauk and meeting with an IVCC counselor you will receive the most relevant information about admission. 


For more information,

Any SemesterCredits
ALH 1001 Terminology of The Health Field ('B' or higher required)3
Year Total: 3
Total Credit Hours: 3
1st SemesterCredits
BIO 1007 Anatomy & Physiology I4    
FYE 101 First Year Experience (available online in 1st semester or in person at SVCC)*1    
RAD 101 Radiologic Technology Clinical Experience3    
RAD 110 Technical Nursing I1    
RAD 120 Radiologic Technology Anatomy and Positioning I5    
Year Total: 14    
2nd SemesterCredits
BIO 1008 Anatomy & Physiology II  4  
MATHEMATICS - see below for options**  3  
ENG 1001 English Composition I  3  
RAD 102 Radiologic Technology Clinical Experience II  3  
RAD 111 Technical Nursing II  1  
RAD 121 Radiologic Technology Anatomy and Positioning II  5  
Year Total:   19  
3rd SemesterCredits
PSY 1000 General Psychology (highly recommended but any IAI approved Social Science will do)    3
RAD 103 Radiologic Technology Clinical Experience III    2
RAD 122 Radiologic Physics    3
Year Total:     8
4th SemesterCredits
RAD 200 Venipuncture for Radiologic Technology1    
RAD 201 Radiologic Technology Clinical Experience IV5    
RAD 220 Image Production in Radiography3    
RAD 221 Pathology and Advanced Imaging Modalities in Diagnostic Imaging4    
ENG 1002 English Composition II
or SPH 1001 Fundamentals of Speech
or ENG 1205 Writ Comm Skills for Bus Ind & Tech
Year Total: 16    
5th SemesterCredits
RAD 202 Radiologic Technology Clinical Experience V  5  
RAD 223 Cross Sectional Anatomy  3  
RAD 222 Ionizing Radiation in Medicine   3  
RAD 224 Registry Review  2  
Year Total:   13  
Total Credit Hours:   70

*FYE 101 is waived with an Associate's degree or higher.

**MATHEMATICS ELECTIVES: MTH 1206 or MTH 1003 or 1005 or 1008 is recommended (Once a math class is completed, you cannot take a lower level course for additional bonus points, MTH 1206 is considered lower than 1003, 1005, or 1008). MTH 1000 not accepted.

Prior to program application:

Students must meet minimum requirements for English, math, and anatomy & physiology as well as meet minimum cumulative grade point average requirements prior to applying for admission to the radiologic technology program at SVCC. Students will also be required to attend a program information session, take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), create a progression plan with an SVCC Academic Advisor, and have two references submit recommendation forms by the application deadline in order to complete the application process (see below). Important!!  Students seeking admission after one year at IVCC should have completed BIO 1007 and a MTH class (from list above) by the end of their Fall Semester.

  • Students who wish to apply to the Radiologic Technology program MUST attend a RAD TECH informational meeting. Meetings are held once a month. Please call Sauk Valley Admissions & Records or Academic Advising at 815-835-6354 or 815-835-6273 to register for the meeting.
  • Assessment Technologies Inc. (ATI) valid printout for the Heath Occupations Basic Entrance test (TEAS). Go to to set up an account for testing at SVCC. After the account has been established, contact the SVCC Testing Center (815-835-6530) to schedule the test date. A test fee is required. No minimum score, but extra points are awarded for scores (70+/2 pts, 60-69/1 pt.)
  • Students must meet with the Radiologic Technology advisor prior to submitting the program application.  Please contact Mandy Aldridge at SVCC Student Services Office at 815-835-6390 to schedule an appointment to meet with the academic advisor.
  • Submit required paperwork including program application and two letters of recommendation.  

Extra points for admission may be earned by taking any of the following:

  • BIO     1008 (needed for graduation, however can earn extra points in admission), 1009
  • CHM   1004, 1006
  • PHY    1001, 2003
  • MTH    1008, 1005, 1006, 1007
  • Any IAI course in the Humanities and Fine Arts can be taken (max 2 courses for 1 pt each) with the exception of History courses.  History courses at SVCC are part of the Social and Behavioral Sciences. 
  • RAD 100 @ SVCC for .5 pts   (RAD 100-Introduction to Radiologic Technology (.5 credits) should be taken at SVCC as soon as possible (fill out Coop Agreement). Admission to the program is not required to enroll and it is offered FA, SP, SU)