Cybersecurity Certificate

WHAT FOLLOWS IS THE PROGRAM OUTLINE. This program is not designed for students transferring to other colleges or universities. As a rule, courses with a second digit "0" are designed to transfer. Students planning to transfer should consult a Counselor to verify the transferability of courses.  Prerequisites for courses are noted in the IVCC Catalog.  Program Pre-Admission Information is included if applicable.

First YearCredits
CSC 2201 Ethical Hacking I3  
CSC 2202 Cybersecurity Scripting3  
CSC 2203 Computer Ethics3  
CSC 2204 Security+3  
CSC 1201 Managing Information Security  3
CSC 2200 Digital Forensics  3
CSC 2222 Cybersecurity Internship**
or CSC 2223 Cybersecurity Capstone
Year Total: 12 9
Total Credit Hours:  21

For additional information please consult any counselor at (815) 224-0360 or, (815) 224-0534.

This certificate is designed for students who have had prior course work or industry experience with computers.  

**The internship is preferred, but the capstone can be done with consent of the program coordinator.