Dental Assisting Certificate

WHAT FOLLOWS IS THE PROGRAM OUTLINE. This program is not designed for students transferring to other colleges or universities. As a rule, courses with a second digit "0" are designed to transfer. Students planning to transfer should consult a Counselor to verify the transferability of courses.  Prerequisites for courses are noted in the IVCC Catalog. Program Pre-Admission Information is included if applicable.

First YearCredits
DLA 1200 Dental Science I3    
DLA 1209 Infection Control Practices1.50    
DLA 1201 Dental Materials & Lab Procedures4    
DLA 1203 Chairside Assisting I4    
DLA 1204 Dental Radiography I3    
DLA 1205 Preventive Dentistry I1.50    
DLA 1202 Supervised Dental Assisting Practice  1.50  
DLA 1206 Dental Office Management  3  
DLA 2200 Dental Science II  2  
DLA 2201 Dental Laboratory Procedures II  2  
DLA 2203 Chairside Assisting II  3  
DLA 2204 Dental Radiography II  2  
DLA 2205 Expanded Functions  1.50  
DLA 2202 Clinical Practice    5
Year Total: 17 15 5
Total Credit Hours:   37

For additional information please consult any counselor at (815) 224-0360 or, 224-0359.

BIO 1200 & SPH 1001 are highly recommended prior to admission. Consider taking these courses the spring or summer before beginning the program. 

All students will be required to have a criminal background check and a 10 panel urine drug screen prior to starting the program.    

To enroll in any DLA course, students must hold a current Healthcare provider CPR/BLS card. A grade of "C" or better is required in all coursework in order to continue in the program.

Professional Writing Workshop scheduled by Program Coordinator is required one time each semester enrolled.

PLEASE NOTE: The above excerpts have been taken from the "IVCC Dental Assisting Handbook". Please refer to that document for all application, admission, and retention information.


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