Therapeutic Massage Certificate Option 2 Part-time

WHAT FOLLOWS IS THE PROGRAM OUTLINE. This program is not designed for students transferring to other colleges or universities. As a rule, courses with a second digit "0" are designed to transfer.  Students planning to transfer should consult a Counselor to verify the transferability of courses. Prerequisites for courses are noted in the IVCC Catalog. Program Pre-Admission Information is included if applicable.

1st SemesterCredits
THM 1212 Pathology for Massage Therapy3    
Year Total: 3    
2nd SemesterCredits
THM 1202 Musculoskeletal System  5  
Year Total:   5  
3rd SemesterCredits
THM 1204 Therapeutic Massage Techniques I5    
THM 1208 Professional and Business Ethics (proposed course title change: Professional Business Ethics)4    
Year Total: 9    
4th SemesterCredits
THM 1214 Therapeutic Massage Techniques II  5  
THM 1218 Therapeutic Massage Clinical  2  
Year Total:   7  
5th SemesterCredits
THM 1222 Capstone    4
THM 1228 Therapeutic Massage Clinical    2
Year Total:     6
Total Credit Hours:   30

Advanced Clinical Certificate

Must be an Illinois Licensed Massage Therapist (or License pending) and receive approval from the THM Program Coordinator to enroll in this Advanced Certificate. This Advanced Certificate is directed toward Licensed (or Licensed pending) Massage Therapists who wish to expand their scope of practice into the healthcare field. This Advanced Certificate includes 3 aspects of healthcare. Lifespan, Chronic diseases, and Musculoskeltal problems.

1st SemesterCredits
THM 2204 Clinical Massage I: Upper & Lower Body6  
Year Total: 6  
2nd SemesterCredits
THM 2214 Clinical Massage II:Chronic Health Conditions  6
Year Total:   6
Total Credit Hours:  12

For additional information please consult any counselor at (815) 224-0360 or, (815) 224-0507.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a limited admission program that requires a separate application process: The above excerpts have been taken from the "IVCC Therapeutic Massage Handbook". Please refer to that document for all application, admission, and retention information.                       10/23/2020