Welding Production Certificate

WHAT FOLLOWS IS THE PROGRAM OUTLINE. This program is not designed for students transferring to other colleges or universities. As a rule, courses with a second digit "0" are designed to transfer.  Students planning to transfer should consult a Counselor to verify the transferability of courses. Prerequisites for courses are noted in the IVCC Catalog. Program Pre-Admission Information is included if applicable.

1st SemesterCredits
First 8 WeeksLast 8 Weeks
WLD 1210 GMAW (MIG) Mild Steel
or WLD 2200 MIG(Wire) Horizontal Plate Arc Welding
WLD 1211 GMAW (MIG) Stainless Steel
or WLD 2201 MIG(Wire) Vertical Plate Arc Welding
Year Total: 2 2  
2nd SemesterCredits
First 8 WeeksLast 8 Weeks
WLD 1212 GMAW (MIG) Non Ferrous Alloys2    
WLD 2206 Gas Welding & Brazing, Flat & Horizontal2    
WLD 1220 GTAW (TIG) Mild Steel  2  
WLD 1213 GMAW Pipe, All Positions  2  
Year Total: 4 4  
3rd SemesterCredits
First 8 WeeksLast 8 Weeks
WLD 1230 Dual Shield & Metal Core
or WLT 1230 AWS Testing: Dual Shield & Metal Core
Year Total: 2    
Any SemesterCredits
First 8 WeeksLast 8 Weeks
ALH 1221 Industrial First Aid
or HPE 1004 First Aid
DFT 1200 Basic Drafting    3
MTH 1206 Technical Mathematics I    3
WHS 1200 Basic Forklift Operation    1
MET 1209 Welding Metallurgy    3
WED 2200 Welding Blueprint Reading    3
WLD 2209 Fabrication    2
Year Total:     16-17
Total Credit Hours:   30-31

For additional information please consult any counselor at (815) 224-0360 or paul_leadingham@ivcc.edu, (815) 224-0319.
Note:  All welding students must register through a Welding Information Session, call (815) 224-0439 to sign up for a session. Students learn how to GMAW (MIG) weld in all positions on different materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum plus basic OAW and GTAW (TIG) with mild steel. 


Sheet metal workers (MIG) for restaurants, hospitals, schools.  Large manufacturers such as CAT and JOHN Deere who mass produce parts where robots cannot be used and as a hand welder who fixes the beginning and end of robot welds. Large companies as a model or template maker. 12/8/17

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