Our Mission

IVCC teaches those who seek and is enriched by those who learn.

Our Vision

Leading our community in learning, working and growing.

Curricular Purposes

Illinois Valley Community College sets forth the following curricular purposes consistent with its mission.

  1. We offer baccalaureate courses and associate degree level work, including general education, in preparation for upper division degrees conferred by four-year degree-granting colleges and universities.
  2. We offer appropriate courses and applied associate degree and certificate level work, including general education, in vocational and technical areas of study directed toward the acquisition of new skills or the furthering of proficiency in skills to meet current and emerging employment needs.
  3. We offer appropriate courses for a two-year general studies degree program to meet individual needs of students when such programs are not related to career education or baccalaureate parallel program.
  4. We offer continuing education for working professionals and appropriate developmental and preparatory courses designed to aid the student in realizing a successful experience in higher education.

Programs and Services

Illinois Valley Community College provides programs and services pertinent to the success of students enrolling at the college, community groups, organizations and individuals.

  1. We offer comprehensive instructional support and student development services to assist students in discovering, establishing, and attaining their educational, vocational, and personal goals.
  2. We offer a comprehensive program for students of co-curricular activities designed to promote and encourage cultural improvements, citizenship responsibilities and physical and social skills.
  3. We offer a comprehensive program to accommodate the special academic, social and physical needs of students.
  4. We offer cultural awareness and understanding of diversity within our global community by providing cultural and recreational leadership and enrichment activities.
  5. We offer community service efforts to provide support to business, industry, agriculture, education and social agencies in order to meet community needs and assist in economic development.