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Assessment Center

Required Assessment Testing

It is the policy of the Board of Trustees of Illinois Valley Community College that: "The college requires placement testing and counseling of all students." This policy seeks to assure the successful completion of a Degree or Certificate program of 30 or more credit hours by students at this college.

  1. All first-time full-time students must complete assessment in reading, writing and math.
  2. All part-time students who enroll in on-campus or off-campus courses in composition and/or mathematics must undergo placement examinations in composition, reading, and/or mathematics prior to the first class meeting.
  3. Students transferring from other colleges and universities, with from 9 to 29 credit hours attempted, and who plan to enroll full-time, will be required to be tested in English, reading and mathematics, unless they meet the following criteria (as documented on an official transcript); (1) a 2.0 grade point average in at least 9 credit hours completed; and (2) a "C" or better grade point in college freshman English class and a "C" average or better in mathematics if needed within the curriculum.
  4. IVCC will accept ACT, SAT, PSAT (version 10 or NMSQT), HiSET or GED scores that are submitted directly from testing or on an official High School Transcript in lieu of ACCUPLACER Placement Test scores. See the IVCC Placement Interpretation Guide below for the scores that will be accepted for placement. Students whose subscores are lower must take the appropriate ACCUPLACER Placement Test to determine placement. ACT, SAT, PSAT (version 10 or NMSQT), HiSET and GED scores are valid for two years (Math content areas) or three years (English content areas) from the date of the testing. 
  5. Those that have completed high school, may also submit their official high school transcript to determine if GPA and coursework may place a student into transferable or college level coursework.

IVCC Placement Interpretation Guide

Higher level Math courses require the ACCUPLACER Math Placement Test be taken.

  1. Students whose ACT, SAT, PSAT (version 10 or NMSQT), HiSET or GED scores are lower must take the appropriate ACCUPLACER placement test to determine placement. ACT/SAT Math scores are valid for two years and English content area scores for ACT or SAT are valid for three years.
  2. Students who do not achieve minimum scores on the ACCUPLACER placement tests will be required to take appropriate developmental reading, writing or math courses.

Appointments are required for placement testing. An individual may contact the IVCC Assessment Center at (815) 224-0542, schedule their appointment online at, or stop in Room E215. Appointments must be scheduled 24 hours or more in advance. Students must already have an IVCC application completed and processed. 

Assessment Center

Assessment Center Hours  for Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021:

Main Campus (Oglesby)

  • Monday-Thursday  8 am – 4 pm
  • Friday - 8 AM - 1 PM (College closed most Fridays during summer)

Ottawa Center

The Assessment Center will hold hours sporadically throughout the semester at the Ottawa Center.  Please go to to see the most up to date schedule

Hours subject to change. Please go to or call the Assessment Center at (815) 224-0542 to schedule a testing appointment.

Placement Testing Hours:

Main Campus (Oglesby)

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday at 10 AM

Ottawa Center

  • Thursday at 9:30 am  (certain days of the semester)

The Assessment Center provides a variety of options and services for the college community. The center is responsible for the following services:

  • IVCC computerized placement tests for English, math, reading*
  • Make-up tests for IVCC students
  • IVCC Proficiency tests
  • Online and telecourse tests
  • CLEP Tests*
  • Exams for other universities proctored
  • GED Testing*
  • Contractor Safety Training (Site Specific)
  • Pearson Vue testing*
  • Scantron Worldwide Testing*
  • Accuplacer placement testing for other institutions

*Services currently offered

Placement Retest Procedure

IVCC placement test scores, ACT scores, and SAT scores will be valid for a period of 2 years from the initial testing date. Individuals who have taken an IVCC placement test will be allowed to retest in any or all of the three testing areas, English, Mathematics or Reading, twice in a 12 month period.

There will be no charge for placement testing the first time. Individuals choosing to retest will be charged the following fees:  Reading $10, Math $10, and English $15.

After retesting, the score that will be valid will be the higher of the scores.

Placement results from IVCC or any other college are not valid after a 2 year period, unless you have successfully completed coursework in the particular subject.

Any individual wanting to take a retest must contact the IVCC Assessment Center at (815) 224-0542, schedule their appointment online at, or stop in Room E215 to schedule an appointment to retest. Payment must be made before taking a retest.

Retest questions not covered by this procedure should first be directed to the Assessment Center Coordinator at (815) 224-0552. Issues, which cannot be resolved through the Assessment Center Coordinator, will be referred to dean in the appropriate division, whose decision will be final.

IVCC Assessment Center is currently offering the option of having placement testing proctored virtually by a third party service.  If interested, please go to and complete the placement voucher request form.

Placement Test Review Options

Students often need help preparing for coursework in college. Proper placement is very important for future success. There are several online options that can be beneficial to students to review before taking placement testing.

ACCUPLACER--  Accuplacer offers two options for review. One is a downloadable PDF files of multiple choice questions and the other is a free web-based app.  Go to  and select the "Information for Students" button and be directed to the Student Practice page. IVCC administers Next-Generation Accuplacer for placement testing.