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ART 1009. Ceramics I. 3 hrs.

Introduction to the terminology and technical aspects of ceramics. Basic techniques for clay preparation, hand forming, wheel throwing, and the operation of the kiln kick wheels and power operated potter's wheels. Lecture, one hour per week; laboratory, four hours per week.


Prerequisites for specific courses are noted in the IVCC Catalog. WHAT FOLLOWS IS A SAMPLE CURRICULUM FOR FULL-TIME STUDENTS pursuing either an Associate in Arts Degree or Associate in Science Degree (guide sheets in Counseling Center).  Program requirements vary from university to university.  Consult a Counselor to choose your courses. MINIMUM IVCC GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS: Minimum 64 Semester Hours with 2.0 GPA Gen Ed Requirements for AA or AS degree "C" or better in ENG 1001 , ENG 1002 , and SPH 1001 Global Appreciation Requirement (2 courses) Application for Graduation [IAI Guidelines recommend two studio art electives] ADDITIONAL MAJOR/ELECTIVE COURSES TO CONSIDER: ART 1001, 1007, 1009, 2000, 2009 GDT 2006 (Fall only) For Science Gen Ed requirements 1 course must be completed in Life Science and 1 course in Physical Science. Most schools require portfolio for admission. See a Counselor if transfer is recommended after 1 year.  Many Art Majors are recommended to transfer after one year. There may be additional requirements in the sample curriculum above. Consult with a Counselor to develop your individual plan of study. 3/31/17

Environmental Studies

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