Career Services

Located in CTC-203

Phone (815) 224-0502

Overview of Services

Career Services specializes in assisting students, alumni and college district residents by providing resources and the tools needed in all aspects of career decision making and job search.  Individual appointments are available for assistance on the job search process, including resume and cover letter writing and interviewing skills.  To make an appointment, please call the Career Services Office at (815) 224-0502.

Workshops and classroom visits are held throughout the academic year offering topics related to the job search such as Resume Writing, Cover Letters, Interviewing Skills and Career Decision Making.  For a schedule of workshops and activities and job search resources, contact Career Services or visit the Career Services website at:

Job Postings and On-Line Services

We offer a variety of job postings from IVCC's district employers who are interested in hiring our students and district residents.  With an email address and a password, job seekers can register for IVCC's online job search/job posting system,, and have access to job postings throughout the year within our district as well as throughout the Chicago suburbs and Central Illinois.  These postings may offer part and full-time employment opportunities as well as internships.  Many postings target IVCC's occupational programs, although we offer information on entry-level positions and those requiring a Bachelor's degree or greater.  These plus additional position openings can also be viewed by visiting Career Services Job Board on campus.

Job Fair

Our annual spring job fair offers a variety of opportunities from an average of over 70 employers and is open to all IVCC students, alumni and our college's district residents.  This major event, held in April of each year provides an opportunity for job seekers to meet a variety of employers face-to-face in one setting.  This event is held to recruit students who attend IVCC and to attract people who are currently employed and are interested in a career change.  Employers who may wish to participate in this annual event should call the Career Services Office to request more information.  Information on Job Fair is available on the Career Services website,  On-Campus recruitment by individual businesses is sponsored by Career Services and is listed as a Recruitment Visit in our College Central Network (CCN) event announcements. 

Career Resource Center

The Career Resource Center is a three-station computer lab and printer designated entirely to support the job search process.  The Center is staffed daily during regular business hours to provide hands-on assistance with resumes and cover letters, and to assist visitors with accessing career planning and labor market information via the Internet.  The Center is located within the Career Services area.


Career Services works collaboratively with Academic Program Coordinators and serves as a resource to students who are seeking an internship opportunity.  Assistance may include internship forms and resources to find information about internships available.

Wage Data and Labor Market Information

Employment wages, projections, as well as state and regional data, are available through the Career Services website.  Career Services can assist individuals with locating and understanding the information as it relates to making career decisions.

Career Assessments

Personality and interest-based inventories are available to assist in the decision-making process and in selecting educational programs.  IVCC’s on-line career assessment and exploration tool, SkillsMatch helps to identify your skills and receive personalized career and educational recommendations.  Designed with adult learners in mind, SkillsMatch makes it easy by extracting skills from your resume and suggesting relevant options.  The tool helps you find what skills you already have from previous work experience, education, and more.  Career Services utilizes additional on-line personality and interest-based exploration resources.  All may be accessed via the internet from school or home.