Online Distance Learning & Study Abroad
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Internet, Fully Online Classes

Delivered via the internet with dates and deadlines but no specific meeting times online or in-person.
Section Name and Title:  Sections starting with 100, up to 149
Location:  IN - Internet Classes
Meeting Information:  Start and End Dates, Internet Days to be Announced, Times to be Announced On-line, Room LINE

Virtual Class Meetings Classes

Delivered via the internet with specific online live meeting times.  Students need a webcam and microphone to participate in online live meetings.
Section Name and Title:  Sections starting with 170 (daytime) or 370 (evening)
Location: VCM - Virtual Class Meetings
Meeting Information:  Start and End Dates, Virtual Class Meeting (Day/s), Start Time, End Time, Room ON-LINE.

Blended Classes

Delivered both via the internet and in a classroom on campus.  Time in the classroom is reduced by the time spent online.
Section Name and Title:  Sections starting with 150
Location: BMC - Blended Main Campus, BOT - Blended Ottawa Center
Meeting Information: Start and End Dates, Blended (Day/s), Start Time, End Time, On-line, Room LINE, Room Location/Number.  This may also include lecture/lab section meeting information.

In-Person/On-Campus Classes

A traditional in-person class held in a classroom on campus.
Section Name and Title:  Sections starting with 01
Location: MC - Main Campus, OC - Ottawa Center
Meeting Information:  Start and End Dates, Lecture (Day/s), Start Time, End Time, Room Location/Number.

Office of International Education

Illinois Valley Community College recognizes the importance of providing opportunities for students to develop an understanding of the interdependence of people and nations in today's world. The college therefore provides students with a variety of courses that contribute to an understanding of the relationships between other nations' cultural, economic, and political systems and our own. The college also participates in international study programs where students reside and study in another country for an extended period. The college also invites students from other countries to seek admission to our college.

International Study Abroad

IVCC students have the opportunity to study abroad while earning IVCC credit and paying IVCC tuition. 4 Semester Study abroad programs are offered in: Salzburg Austria, Canterbury England, Carlow Ireland, and Seville Spain.  Additionally, summer study abroad programs are available in: Salzburg Austria, Costa Rica, Dijon France, and Seville Spain.  Information about study abroad can be found at

For further information, contact International and Multicultural Education Coordinator, Amanda Cook Fesperman by email at or by phone at 815-224-0203.