Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment/E2C


Early Entry College - E2C

E2C (Early Entry College) is an opportunity for students to earn college credit while enrolled as a junior or senior in high school. Qualified students, with permission from their high school principal or designee, are eligible to enroll in IVCC courses offered on-site at their local high schools during the day.

What is Dual Credit?

Dual Credit courses are offered on-site at area high schools. These courses are taught by IVCC instructors or high school instructors that meet the qualifications to be an IVCC instructor. What makes them dual credit is that upon completion of the course, the high school student will receive college credit as well a high school credit.

What is Dual Enrollment?

When a student is enrolled in high school, as well as enrolled at IVCC. These courses could be offered at area high schools or on an IVCC campus, but upon successful completion of the course, the student only receives college credit.

What is Career and Technical (CTE) Dual Credit?

These courses are offered at area high schools or at the Area Career Center. The courses are at no cost to the students, and upon successful completion can be applied to a certificate or an Associate in Applied Science Degree.

Reduced Cost

The cost for IVCC courses taken for college credit or dual credit at the local high schools during the normal school day is 75 percent of the per credit hour cost, plus registration fees and the cost of textbooks. For further cost information please visit http://www.ivcc.edu/earlyentrycollege.aspx?id=21089.

Enrollment Requirements for Dual Credit

Per the Dual Credit Act;

  • In order to earn dual credit at your high school, you will need to be 16 years old.
  • Have approval from the high school. Each high school has their own requirements to be able to take a dual credit course.
  • Placement exams are required for all Math and English classes.
  • Fill out the enrollment form with payment attached.

Taking IVCC Classes while in High School

Any student that is 16 years of age is able to take IVCC classes at our main campus or Ottawa Center. Classes run during the day or evenings. Summer is a great way to earn a few credits to help lighten the load in college and has a variety of start dates. IVCC Counselors can assist with course selection assistance and registration occurs through the Admissions Office.

For anyone under the age of 16 who wishes to enroll at IVCC, please email the Associate Vice President for Student Services, Mark Grzybowski at Mark_Grzybowski@ivcc.edu.

Please visit the Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment/E2C web page at http://www.ivcc.edu/earlyentrycollege.aspx?id=3624 for additional information.

For questions on the Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment/E2C Program contact:

Susan Monroe by phone at (815) 224-0598 or by email at Susan_Monroe@ivcc.edu.

IVCC offers students a comprehensive Honors Program. To qualify for the program, students must demonstrate potential for academic excellence, must show commitment to achieving Honors Program standards, must commit to 4 Honors courses including Honors Orientation (HON 1001) and Honors Portfolio (HON 1002) and must be seeking a degree or certificate from IVCC. While a member of the Honors Program, students must maintain a GPA of 3.5 or above. To begin application to the Honors Program, students should write an essay giving their reasons for wanting to enter the program and their rationale for their ability to complete it. Obtain further information by contacting the Honors Director, Adam Oldaker.