Parking and Traffic Regulations

It is the policy of the Board of Trustees of Illinois Valley Community College that everyone will obey all posted traffic control signs and laws of the State of Illinois while on the IVCC campus.

Parking lot 1 is reserved for faculty, staff, and visitors.
Parking lots 2, 3, 4, and 5 are open for everyone.
Parking lot 6 is reserved for faculty and staff.
Parking lot 7 is reserved for students, visitors, and East Campus faculty and staff.

Everyone is expected to abide by State traffic laws and campus parking regulations. The following violations have special significance and will be enforced by Campus Security:

  1. Blocking roads or walkways;
  2. Parking in fire lanes;
  3. Driving or parking on the lawn;
  4. Blocking the exit route of other parked cars;
  5. Parking in unauthorized spaces; and
  6. Not parking within parking space lines.

Any person in violation of any one of the preceding provisions may have his/her car towed and impounded at a local towing company. The cost of the towing will be paid by the violator to the towing company before the car will be released.

Parking lots 1 and 7 will be open to anyone after 4 p.m., but rules regarding ADA parking still apply. Visitor parking permits for groups are available through the Business Services Office.

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ADA Parking

A limited number of ADA parking spaces are available for students and employees who are temporarily or permanently disabled. ADA parking is available in parking lots 1, 6, and 7. Only permits issued by the Illinois Secretary of State's office are valid. For questions on parking procedures, contact the Associate Vice President for Student Services or Campus Security.

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First Responders

Illinois Valley Community College has a group of volunteer First Responders. First Responders are certified by the Illinois Department of Public Health and assist people who are in need of emergency medical attention. Ron Groleau, Dean of Natural Sciences and Business, serves as the coordinator.