Graphic Design

Prerequisites for specific courses are noted in the IVCC Catalog.

WHAT FOLLOWS IS A SAMPLE CURRICULUM FOR FULL-TIME STUDENTS pursuing either an Associate in Arts Degree or Associate in Science Degree (guide sheets in Counseling Center). Program requirements vary from university to university. Consult a Counselor to choose your courses.

First YearUnits
ART 1000 Art Survey3  
DRW 1000 Drawing I3  
DSN 1000 Design I3  
ENG 1001 English Composition I3  
ART 1010 Art Survey II  3
ENG 1002 English Composition II  3
Life or Physical Science Lab  4
Major Course - Select a Univ. requirement  3
Major Course - Select a Univ. requirement  3
Year Total: 15 16
Second YearUnits
Elective Course4  
Health and Wellness1  
Humanities Group I3  
Life or Physical Science3  
Social Science3  
Major Course - Select a Univ. requirement3  
SPH 1001 Fundamentals of Speech  3
Elective Course  3
Health and Wellness  1
Humanities/Fine Arts Group I, II, III, or IV  3
Social Science  3
Social Science  3
Year Total: 17 16
Total Units in Sequence:  64


  • Minimum 64 Semester Hours with 2.0 GPA
  • Gen Ed Requirements for AA or AS degree
  • "C" or better in ENG 1001, ENG 1002, and SPH 1001
  • Global Appreciation Requirement (2 courses)
  • Application for Graduation


ART 2012, DRW 1010, DSN 1010
GDT 1201, 1203, 1222

For Science Gen Ed requirements 1 course must be completed in Life Science and 1 course in Physical Science.

There may be additional requirements for transfer admission not included in the sample curriculum above. Consult with a Counselor to develop your individual plan of study.