Since the majority of students are admitted to Medical Physician programs with a bachelor’s degree, it is recommended that students wishing to complete the pre-professional requirements for Medical Physician do so by selecting a major area of study and by fulfilling the Pre-Medicine courses.

Required Sequence in:

Principles of Biology BIO 1003, 1004 (required for all Biology majors)


General Biology BIO 1001, 1002

Required Sequence in:

General Chemistry CHM 1006, 1007


Organic Chemistry CHM 2002, 2003

Required Sequence in: 

General Physics for the Liberal Arts and Sciences PHY 2003, 2004

Highly recommended Sequence in Anatomy and Physiology: BIO 1007, 1008

Highly recommended: Calculus: MTH 2001

Please see a counselor to assist you in your academic plan. Admission is highly competitive based on the Medical College Aptitude Test (MCAT) score; overall GPA, and science GPA.